abbe may

It’s not exactly a year ‘off’ while writing the Romanticide LP ..

I have 4 weeks to finish 6 demos for my manager ..

Before I sail away to Greece, Italy and England to write more songs and take pictures for the book I’m writing…

I have decided I am going to see if I can make a one and a half minute song without saying too little…

Because I’ve never been so concise before…

Plus I will write a duet ..

Or tri-et?! For two of my favourite singers ..
David Craft and Odette Mercy…

I also need to get this sailboat tattooed across my entire back.
The days need to be longer.

Cannot wait to play at Melbourne Festival on Monday, Oct 21 and Tuesday, Oct 22 supporting Polyphonic Spree!

Polyphonic Spree

Part euphoric church choir, part Day-Glo rock musical supergroup, The Polyphonic Spree are where indie rock meets Jesus Christ Superstar. Irrepressible frontman Tim DeLaughter is backed by a formidable 14-piece band – including string sections, horns, drums, wailing guitars and soaring choir. For this Australian-exclusive show they turn out joyous, psychedelic, exuberant tunes to soothe the soul.

Tickets via here

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